Heavy Duty Ultra Clear Detailing Bucket, 4.25 Gal, Smoked Obsidian Black


AED 45.00

Add some cool to your detail with the Heavy Duty Ultra Clear Smoked Obsidian Black Bucket! Functionality is fashionable with this heavy duty, smoked obsidian bucket that looks great and works even better!

Awesome Smoked Obsidian Black Bucket Features:

  • Useful car washing bucket that looks as good as your car
  • Translucent black allows you to see your soap dilution
  • Makes the perfect seat
  • Color code your buckets for enhanced organization
  • Pair with Ultra Clear Bucket for the perfect combo
  • Disguise your dirty water
  • Pairs perfectly with your Dirt Trap and CG Bucket Lid
  • Live and rep the CG lifestyle
  • Great for two bucket wash method
  • Add color and cool factor to your wash
  • Compatible with all CG bucket accessories

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